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Synergy Settlement Services Adds Equity Indexed Structured Settlement Annuities From Pacific Life to Robust Product Suite

Synergy Settlement Services is pleased to offer an Equity Indexed Annuity option in the structured settlement marketplace.  The annuity issuer is Pacific Life, an A+ rated company.  While many of our competitors forwarded the announcement from Pacific Life to its clients, we wanted to provide everyone with an analysis of this product and how it can be of benefit to injury victims. 

For years, there were only two options for life benefit annuities – a flat monthly benefit for life or a monthly benefit that increased annually with a cost of living adjustment (COLA).  The COLA benefit was beneficial for clients 40 and under as it gave them the chance to have their payments increase over time. 

Now clients can choose the new Equity Indexed Annuity option.  Commonplace in the retail channel, Equity Indexed Annuities are considered a fixed annuity because there is no chance of loss but there is the potential for modest gains. This product is ideal for longer payout options. To better understand the benefits of an Equity Indexed Annuity, consider the following scenarios for Tim Smith, a 40 year old male who is interested in a structured settlement with a cost of $100,000:

Scenario 1: A life and 20 annuity pays Tim a flat $377.11 per month for life.  The benefit stays the same for as long as Tim lives.  The expected payout to Tim is $193,081.

Scenario 2:  A life and 20 annuity with a 3% COLA pays Tim $221.66 per month.  Each year that goes up by 3%.  The expected payout to Tim is $224,311. 

Scenario 3:  A life and 20 annuity with the Equity Indexed Annuity rider pays Tim $254.47 per month.  Each year it will increase somewhere between 0 and 5%.  If the market is down, it stays the same.  If the market is up, it can go up by as much as 5%.  Based on the historical market returns of the S&P 500, Tim’s expected payout is $288,899.

As you can see, Scenario 3 utilizes the Equity Indexed Annuity and offers the largest return over time, despite slightly lower monthly payouts, which was perfectly suited to Tim’s needs.  The upside potential is greater than with the annuity that has a COLA but with a higher monthly benefit. 

Contact Synergy Settlement Services today to learn more about this advantageous new product and how it can help your clients enjoy greater returns on their money.

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