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Synergy Project and Multi-Case Resolution Program

Synergy’s lien resolution group is now equipped to handle Multiple Claimant Projects! In settlements like Asbestos Exposure/Mesothelioma diagnoses, Pharmaceutical Liability, Environmental Exposure, or Single Incident Personal Injury cases (among others), Synergy can assist with the case management and compliance of files that may have an obligation to an insurer or provider. We are able to create a resolution package for projects ranging from 5 – 1,000+individual claimants or beneficiaries. From pre-screening, intake, reporting and resolution we have developed a process that will save your firm the time and headache of resolving multiple claims with several different potential lien holders. Our Project Resolution Program includes:

  • Pre-Screening – Before cases are submitted for resolution, we will review all related exposure, benefit eligibility, and billing records to verify the need for resolution services in an individual case. For cases submitted for Asbestos Lien Resolution services, we will determine if the case meets Medicare’s provision for recovery of cases with exposure on or after December 5, 1980.
  • Reporting – Cases that are eligible for resolution are then reported to their respective lien holders. Medicare COBC, State Medicaid Agencies, Military Insurance Plans, Private Insurers (if applicable), and related recovery contractors (if applicable) are put on notice regarding a possible settlement. We will manage all correspondence related to the resolution of any possible liens.
  • Claim Audit– Our lien professionals will audit all claims for validity. We are able to decipher ICD-9, HCPCS, and CPT codes, and are versed in claim forms and billing processes. Through an active audit and dispute of unrelated charges, we are successful at preventing the payment of erroneously associated claims, thus putting more money in your client’s pocket.
  • Evaluation and Resolution– In cases where there is more than a formulaic determination of recovery, we will evaluate plan language, pursue compromises, and actively negotiate for the most accurate and beneficial final payment due to the lien holders in all cases. It is our goal to be an advocate for the interests of our clients, while maintaining compliance to state and federal insurance law.

As an Synergy Project Client, we assure the best customer service and accessibility available in the lien resolution industry today. Our lien professionals have negotiated thousands of cases over the span of a decade, and are experienced in project resolution and case management. We will provide regular updates as to the status of your cases, and are on hand to answer any questions throughout the process. Our pricing is competitive, as we offer packages that are flexible and fair. Instructions for case intake and our process can be received by requesting a proposal from Synergy. Let us show you why Synergy is “The Lawyer’s Complete Solution for Lien Resolution.” Lien Synergy can assist in your case management efforts. Contact us today for more information on the Synergy Project Resolution Program! Call us at (877)907-5436 or by email at info@synergysettlements.com to request a proposal or to schedule a meeting with a Synergy lien resolution professional.

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