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Synergy expands ethical lien resolution outsourcing to Utah by obtaining Ethics Advisory Opinion 14-01

In the ongoing effort to help the plaintiff’s bar address the complex issues involved in healthcare lien resolution, Synergy has obtained an ethics opinion that will enable Utah’s personal injury attorneys to take advantage of experts in this field.  Synergy’s work in obtaining Utah Ethics Advisory Opinion 14-01 is an example of how we are actively attempting to change the landscape of healthcare subrogation at a national level.  It has always been Synergy’s goal to allow the injured plaintiff to keep as much of their settlement funds as possible.  We achieve this by allowing the trial attorney to focus on what they do best.  Synergy provides a dependable outsourcing solution for complex and time consuming lien resolution activities where we have a proven record of significant reductions.  While some of our competitors advertise as a “neutral” lien resolution company, Synergy is a plaintiff’s only resource. This new ethics opinion will allow Utah’s personal injury attorneys to properly outsource lien resolution to a third party and charge that third party’s fee as a litigation cost. Click HERE to see the Utah Ethics Advisory Opinion.

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