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Structured Settlement: Peace of Mind for the Injured Worker

June 16, 2020

B. Josh Pettingill

In these uncertain times, a structured settlement can provide a secure, low-risk source of compensation and the convenience of regular payments tailored to fit the injured worker’s specific needs.

With all the market uncertainty and turmoil, now is the time for an injured worker to consider a structured settlement. There has been a tremendous amount of volatility in the financial markets with no end in sight; however, our structured settlement clients have not had to endure the same anxiety or financial duress. Rather, they have rested assured knowing that their periodic payments set up at the time of their settlement are not going anywhere nor will they be impacted by any fluctuations in the market. They have the confidence that when they wake up in the morning, they are still going to be able to pay for their attendant care needs, their medications, their mortgage payment, etc.

There are numerous benefits to a structured settlement, but the biggest advantages are peace of mind, security, and safety. A structure can provide a guaranteed, tax-free return that is not contingent on stock market performance. There is no speculation or guesswork involved; this is crucial considering most of our clients have ongoing medical needs and require permanent wage replacement. Whether it is a monthly income for life or lump sum payments in the future, the number of ways to customize the payments are endless. There is no cost for Synergy to make sure your clients get the highest payouts from the best-structured settlement providers. A qualified settlement consultant receives compensation for his or her services directly from the life insurance company whose product they offer; it does not come from the injured worker’s money nor does plaintiff counsel have to compensate them for their expert advice.

With Synergy’s unparalleled expertise with WCMSAs from allocation to funding to administration, you get incredible depth of resources by working with a member of our experienced settlement planning team.  If you have a case involving a workers’ compensation Medicare Set-Aside (WCMSA) or a catastrophically injured client, call us today for a complimentary, structured settlement analysis.

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