Our Standards

Synergy Standards

We are dedicated to ethical leadership in the settlement planning profession.  We want to improve methods for maximizing an injury victim’s recovery.  We only present and recommend financial plans which advance the best interests of the personal injury victim as well as their attorney.

Professional Service

Our strict standards of excellent professional service address every aspect of our commitment to our clients. From initial interview and consultation through settlement negotiation and finalizing of a settlement plan, we provide our clients with the highest possible level of expert service.

All-Inclusive Services

To address our clients’ immediate and long-term needs , we provide all inclusive settlement planning services including a full-range of settlement planning products.

Time Sensitivity and Availability

We recognize that all parties desire a quick resolution of the settlement details once agreement is reached or recovery is achieved. Therefore, we always provide rapid service. We are available for consultation at all stages of negotiation.

Our company and our professionals attend the certification programs and support the professional codes of conduct (ethics) of both the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and Society of Settlement Planners.


"In my business as a plaintiff’s products liability lawyer, everything begins and ends with our clients. In our firm we never handle a significant case without the assistance of Synergy. Why? Very simple: we trust Synergy with our clients. Yes, Synergy only works with plaintiffs. And yes, they are highly technically proficient and know this business cold. But what makes them different from others is that they listen to our clients, make our clients comfortable with complex issues, and always put the interests of the client first. In my opinion, because of their unique ability to handle people with sincerity and compassion in their time of crisis, they stand head and shoulders above his competition."

Richard Newsome
Newsome Law Firm, Past President of Florida Justice Association

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Understanding Structured Settlements and Medicare Set-AsidesThird Thursday Webinar Series

The parties agree that a Medicare Set-Aside is needed, now what? In this month's webinar, presented by Synergy CEO, Jason D. Lazarus, you will learn about the process basics for setting up a set aside including MSA allocations, funding mechanisms for set-asides, post-settlement administration as well as an overview of the process to make sure you close the case compliantly.

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