Understanding the Transaction

Understanding the Transaction

In order to have a tax-free structured settlement in a personal injury settlement, a release with the required language for a structured settlement must be executed, a uniform qualified assignment must be executed and the structured settlement annuity must be funded by the defendant with a check made payable to the assignment company. The premium which goes from the defendant to the assignment company is used to purchase the qualified funding asset (the annuity contract) from the annuity issuer. The assignment company is the obligor (owes the payments to the injury victim) and the annuity issuer (the life insurance company) guarantees the payments. The release must set forth the obligation of the defendant to make the future periodic payments and then that obligation is assigned to the assignment company relieving the defendant of any future liability or obligation. The qualified assignment is the document that transfers the future periodic payment obligation from the defendant to the assignment company and is a required document in the transaction.


"In my business as a plaintiff’s products liability lawyer, everything begins and ends with our clients. In our firm we never handle a significant case without the assistance of Synergy. Why? Very simple: we trust Synergy with our clients. Yes, Synergy only works with plaintiffs. And yes, they are highly technically proficient and know this business cold. But what makes them different from others is that they listen to our clients, make our clients comfortable with complex issues, and always put the interests of the client first. In my opinion, because of their unique ability to handle people with sincerity and compassion in their time of crisis, they stand head and shoulders above his competition."

Richard Newsome
Newsome Law Firm, Past President of Florida Justice Association

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