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Medicare Futures – The Unregulated New Frontier: While resolving Medicare conditional payments is very important, a larger issue looms regarding payments made by Medicare after settlement. Today, there is a very real threat of Medicare denying future injury-related care after the personal injury case is resolved. This can be very easily triggered by Mandatory Insurer Reporting of physical trauma injury-related ICD codes to Medicare which happens automatically now with any settlement of seven hundred and fifty dollars or greater.

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Hospital "Liens" vs. "Debts": A Distinction With a BIG Difference ​​​​​​​Third Thursday Webinar Series

Join Director of Synergy Medical Bill Clinic, Michael Walrath, Esq. as he delves into the differences between “direct provider liens” and mere “medical debts.” In this webinar, he will describe how and why these important distinctions impact the lien resolution process and expected outcomes, while also dictating the various ethical and legal exposures faced by Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, post-settlement. A 15 minute Q&A will follow the presentation.

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