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Welcome to Synergy’s lien resolution group, a full service lien resolution and compliance firm designed to meet the needs of attorneys and their clients. Synergy provides innovative lien identification and negotiation services to the legal community. We offer a comprehensive set of lien resolution services uniquely tailored to meet the needs of all parties. We have the expertise and experience to help navigate the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Medicaid, ERISA/ Private Healthcare, and Military Liens as well as other healthcare subrogation issues. Through our superior services we are able to assist in protecting all parties’ interests yet aggressively negotiate the resolution of healthcare liens in personal injury settlements. We can eliminate the frustration of lien resolution for trial attorneys.

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Synergy Services Many Types of Cases with Liens

Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle, & Catastrophic Injury – When litigating a personal injury case it is imperative that the discovery and resolution of any liens related to cost of care are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. In most personal injury cases where the insurer is pushing to settle, Synergy is able to define an obligation where the defendant may be responsible for reimbursing a lien holder.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect – Due to their age, most victims of nursing home abuse and neglect have Medicare benefits paying for a portion of their care. Many nursing home residents also have Medicaid coverage. In cases like these, we are able to delineate between abuse related and standard care, and negotiate a recovery amount that is fair for both the claimant and their lien holder.

Environmental/Chemical Exposure – Asbestos, Benzene, and Mercury are types of elements, gases, and materials that have been recognized as harmful carcinogens. With a proven track record in the project management of environmental exposure cases, Synergy is able to report, negotiate, and close cases involved in single incident or class action settlements where there is exposure due to a third party.

Pharmaceutical Product Liability – Despite approval from the FDA or over the counter status, every year there is a revelation of a drug or supplement whose benefits are outweighed by the overwhelming side effects and damage to the body. Diet drugs, cholesterol medications, anti-anxiety prescriptions and many more have pending litigation and liens that need to be resolved. Synergy is able to manage the resolution of these liens and ensure compliance for these complicated settlements where plaintiffs often number into the thousands.

Products Liability – Faulty products resulting in recalls and class action lawsuits will typically involve a third party obligation that needs to be identified, established and resolved. From poisonous drywall to defective child safety seats, Synergy is equipped to be your partner in the process of providing a positive outcome of outstanding liens.

Lien Resolution Staff

Synergy’s lien resolution group consists of attorneys and subrogation professionals who have been at the forefront of the health insurance and lien resolution industries for over a decade. Our professionals come from CMS/Medicare, TRICARE (Military Health), and from some of the largest private health insurers and lien resolution firms in the industry. Through our highly specialized team of professionals, we are able to ensure the best possible outcome and successfully resolve our clients’ most difficult liens.

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“Synergy Lien Resolution Services just finished getting an ERISA lien dramatically reduced for me. I tried for months, asked for the plan etc., tried to understand it, to little avail. Synergy got it slashed way beyond what the carrier told me that they would ever agree to. It cost my client peanuts, benefited her huge. I won’t ever screw around with trying to get those reduced; from now on they all go to Synergy.”

Rick Kolodinsky
Rick Kolodinsky, P.A.

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