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We provide the following services nationwide for personal injury, third party liability, product liability, environmental exposure claims, and pharmaceutical litigation.

Opinion Letters

In some cases, an opinion as to the strength of a plan, validity of a lien, or the position of a government agency may be required by the court in order to determine an allocation of funds. An opinion or position letter is helpful in situations where resolution is not yet appropriate but an evaluation and explanation of the obligation is necessary. A review of case related information can be completed by one of our attorneys or resolution experts (without reporting of liability) and an opinion on position or course of action can be written in a letter form to the client.


We assist attorneys and paralegals in preparing all necessary documentation and help with any language that may be required in the settlement documents. We can also provide opinions or supporting information that may be helpful when negotiating a settlement and allocating funds for outstanding balances.

Compliance Audit

Synergy can operate as a third party compliance agent in projects where the observance of plan policy and state statute is ordered/required. Our programs are developed for balanced reporting and adherence to policy for both plaintiff counsel and defense.


We offer complimentary training to help you understand the complexities of the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute. We also offer complimentary CLE programs at your office on a variety of important topics. We are your partner in MSP compliance and lien resolution.

Synergy Outsourcing Program

We understand that every case is unique and thus has its own distinct post-settlement issues. Through the Synergy outsourcing program, we offer a permanent support system for lien resolution. By choosing to partner with Synergy, you are given access to a team of dedicated analysts who will resolve and provide reports on all pre and post-settlement lien resolution issues. Medicare, Medicaid, Military, private and provider liens can be submitted directly to Synergy. This cost effective program is ideal for a firm who prefers to outsource lien resolution services for their entire case inventory. Services are offered at a discounted price based on volume.


“Synergy Lien Resolution Services just finished getting an ERISA lien dramatically reduced for me. I tried for months, asked for the plan etc., tried to understand it, to little avail. Synergy got it slashed way beyond what the carrier told me that they would ever agree to. It cost my client peanuts, benefited her huge. I won’t ever screw around with trying to get those reduced; from now on they all go to Synergy.”

Rick Kolodinsky
Rick Kolodinsky, P.A.

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