Attorney Fee Deferral

Defer Your Attorney Fees as a Tax Savings Strategy

You already know that structured settlements help maximize settlement value for your clients by providing a steady, low-risk source of income with long-term tax advantages. But did you know you can structure your attorney fees? Using attorney fee structures, plaintiff attorneys can defer their fees and income taxes on those fees for personal injury cases as well as many other types of cases. You can defer taxes on your fees as well as the interest that it earns until the year in which a distribution is actually received from the fee structure.

There are also deferred compensation plans that can be utilized on a pre-tax and tax-deferred basis with contingent fees. These plans have more investment options, greater potential returns and more control over timing of income.

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Synergy will provide a free consultation to assist in the decision making process and proudly offers the following products for investment or deferral of contingent legal fees:

» Attorney Fee Structure Annuities

» High Yield Deferred Compensation

» High Yield Fixed Income Annuity Portfolio

» Non-Qualified Assignment

» Investment Trusts

» Self-Directed IRA


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"Synergy has been a trusted part of our legal team for many years. They have helped our clients in many cases to understand the benefits of structured settlements. Synergy has protected our clients and us by securing the best annuities on the market with the safest companies available. Our Synergy consultant is a great communicator in explaining the details and benefits of structured settlements to our clients. He has also mentored myself and the other lawyers in our firm in the benefit of Attorney Fee Annuities. Their work with our firm has secured our clients and our financial security and we expect to continue working with him for many years to come."

Brett Panter
Panter, Panter & Sampedro

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