When a person suffers an injury it can have devastating consequences on their life, their family and their financial situation. The ability to earn a living can be lost. Sky high medical bills can accumulate in the blink of an eye. Credit can be ruined as a result. These same issues can cause the rapid depletion of an injury recovery post settlement or verdict. Traditional money management models and products aren’t designed for injury victims and frequently result in mismanagement or financial loss. Who can advise you about different trust vehicles and trustees who can help manage/protect the recovery?

In certain cases, a trust may be appropriate to meet the needs of injury and employment victims. A settlement trust provides spendthrift protection and professional management of assets. Settlement trusts can be funded with structured settlement annuities. We work with many nationally recognized banks and trust companies to provide this valuable settlement option. We also work with a national network of legal counsel who can provide the trust documents for customary legal fees. 

By creating a trust, an injury victim and his or her family does not have to manage unwanted financial affairs. At the same time, the injury victim’s needs as well as wants can be addressed so that the focus is on recovery. Given the fact that 90% of injury victims dissipate their entire settlement within 5 years of recovery, prudent planning and spending is of paramount importance.




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