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New MMSEA Training Course Available

This just in from the CMS Learning Management team:

Email Bulletin – 4/13/2010

A new course has been created to share lessons learned and best practices from Section 111 RRE testing. This CBT provides valuable information that will assist you in preparing your Section 111 test files and resolving any potential issues in testing before moving to a large-scale production environment. To access the Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Section 111 Testing CBT, go to this URL:http://nhassociates.na5.acrobat.com/l50382876/. If you have training suggestions, please complete a 1 question survey found at the following link: http://nhassociates.na5.acrobat.com/p84064307/.

If you need any assistance with your login or password, please contact techi@nhassociates.net. For your convenience, we have also included the link to the entire NGHP Curriculum of courses: http://nhassociates.na5.acrobat.com/nghpuserguidecurriculum/.

Thank You,

The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services Learning Management Team

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