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Medicare Refunds over 50% of their Final Demand after Synergy proposed FCCA Compromise request!

This is a case in which the Medicare Beneficiary was injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered major spinal cord injuries. The injured party hired excellent counsel but due to policy limits was only able to obtain $45,000 in settlement funds.

After reporting the settlement to Medicare, the plaintiff was confronted with a Medicare Final Demand in the amount of $30, 262.22. This was the entire balance of the settlement funds after attorney fees and costs, with the injured Medicare beneficiary receiving nothing.

At this point, plaintiff’s counsel paid the Final Demand, to avoid the 10.2% interest that Medicare charges on Final Demands that remain unpaid after sixty (60) days, and engaged Synergy Lien Resolution Services to utilize our Medicare Post Final Demand Services. Synergy requested that Medicare compromise their claim under the Federal Claims Collection Act and accept a reduced repayment. Medicare agreed to reduce its demand by over 50% and has issued a refund in the amount of $15,262.22 to the beneficiary.

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