Quickly quantify future medical damages with Synergy’s economical MCP report (medical cost projection) instead of a costly life care plan.  Support your demand with evidence related to the future medical portion of the case by turning to Synergy for an MCP. 


Don’t miss the opportunity early on to quantify future medical damages and motivate the defense to pay every dollar your client deserves.  You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a life care plan to do this!  Instead, let Synergy quickly prepare a medical cost projection report based upon existing medical records.  That way you can promptly present evidence of future medical expenses and include the future medical cost projection report in your initial demand so you can settle cases earlier on. 

Medical Cost Projection (MCP) reports project the future injury-related medical care for your client and are a cost-effective alternative to a life care plan in certain cases. The MCP report provides support for preparing a settlement demand and negotiating resolution of the future medical portion of the case. 

Synergy’s MCP report is prepared by a Synergy nurse allocator based upon a review of the injury related medical records supplied by you. 

The benefits of Synergy’s MCP service include:
· Support for valuing the future injury-related medical and pharmaceutical care over life
· Projection of all future care for any injuries/conditions included as part of the case
· Projected costs for future care priced at usual and customary rates over life.
· Low-cost alternative to a pricey life care plan

MCP Report Cost: $2,500.00

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