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Medicare Beneficiary DOLLARS PROTECTED

$ 2000000000

The system is flawed.  You take all the risks, you do all the work, you bear all the costs and after you win then you must address the Medicare Secondary Payer Act.  We flip that paradigm on its head and fix the broken system.  Our team will create a comprehensive plan to allow you to close your file compliantly by considering Medicare’s “interest”, freeing you up to take on the next battle – which is the best use of your time.  You can focus on what you do best, and everyone wins.

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If you represent a client who is Medicare eligible, whose care was paid for by Medicare and will require future accident-related care, you need to consult with the Medicare experts at Synergy. The Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act is complicated with numerous issues that can arise jeopardizing compliance. Having a holistic, accurate assessment of your client’s situation is essential to protecting their future as well as insulating your practice from what could be devastating government-enforced consequences. Synergy’s team of experienced Medicare Secondary Payer compliance professionals guide you through the issues around MSP compliance, giving you confidence that your client’s Medicare eligibility is protected. Our Total Medicare Compliance solution, MSP 360, gives you a suite of services which will put your mind at ease and allow you to do what you do best–win the next case. 

Our team of Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance experts: 

  • Consult with you about past payments and with your client regarding Medicare future-interest protection mechanisms, versus the risk of doing nothing. 
  • Advise your client so they can make an informed decision about what they would like to do; and allow you to
  • Document your file accordingly.

We will create a comprehensive plan to allow you to close your file compliantly, by resolving conditional payments and Medicare advantage liens as well as considering Medicare’s potential “future interest” in the settlement. Our customized approach provides case specific options rather than using a cookie cutter approach. By partnering with Synergy for Medicare Compliance, it will improve client satisfaction and gives you a trusted partner to address ever-changing compliance rules. In addition, you can feel confident knowing you are mitigating risk associated with liability that may arise from failure to advise your client regarding MSP compliance–a win-win. 

To get started, we suggest you schedule a Medicare Expert Case Evaluation (MECE). This allows you to consult with one of our industry-leading MSP Compliance experts today to see how partnering with Synergy for Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance services ensures the most appropriate MSP solution for your case.  Request Expert Evaluation




The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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