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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy’s flat fee Medicare Conditional Payment Service reduces repayment obligation by 93%

Synergy’s flat fee Medicare Conditional Payment Audit and Verification service reduces the repayment obligation for the client of one of our premier Virginia customers by over 93%.  This case was referred to Synergy by one of our long standing premier clients who fully outsources all of their Medicare Conditional Payment resolution to us.  In this case, the Medicare beneficiary was injured in a motor vehicle accident wherein he suffered minor injuries.  The plaintiff retained counsel and began prosecuting a claim against the tortfeasor.  The case eventually settled, but Medicare continued to include unrelated care in their Conditional Payment claims summary.  Synergy worked with plaintiff’s counsel, and without any unnecessary delay, was able to have the unrelated charges removed and a Final Demand issued.   The result was a savings of $7,564.11 which added 60% more to the plaintiff’s net recovery.

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