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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy’s experienced auditors reduce Medicare demand by 99.8% for a savings of $93,171.45

This case involved a Medicare beneficiary who was injured in a motor vehicle accident while riding as a passenger.  The beneficiary suffered moderate injuries including broken ribs.  The beneficiary engaged an attorney to litigate his claim against the tortfeasor and was able to settle the personal injury matter for $45,000.00.  During the course of the claim, Medicare asserted a repayment demand for $93,375.73.  Despite the plaintiff attorney’s best efforts Medicare maintained its position on repayment and the relatedness of the Conditional Payments to the accident.  Plaintiff’s counsel contacted Synergy for assistance, and within forty five (45) days the repayment demand from Medicare was reduced to $193.72—a savings of 99.8%.

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