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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy reduces self-funded ERISA claim by over 30%

This case involved a plaintiff who was injured in a motor vehicle accident wherein the tortfeasor unexpectedly turned left in front of him. The plaintiff suffered major injuries and incurred past medical damages of approximately $49,000.00.  Included in this was treatment for a knee that had a pre-existing injury.  The plaintiff’s attorney was able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $315,000.00.  After settlement the plaintiff’s attorney requested CIGNA remove the treatment for the knee that was the result of a pre-existing injury, CIGNA refused and referred the matter to outside counsel. After over a year of attempting to resolve this matter, the plaintiff’s attorney engaged Synergy Lien Resolution Services.  Through the application of statutory obligations, insider knowledge and aggressive negotiation tactics, Synergy was able to force CIGNA’s outside counsel to recommend a reduction of over 30%. The result was a savings of $14,665.28, a satisfied client and a relieved plaintiff’s attorney.

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