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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy reduces Medicare Conditional Payment demand by 95% increasing the plaintiff’s “take home” by 10 fold

This case involves a dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid beneficiary who was
injured in a multiple car collision on August 1, 2012.  The elderly beneficiary suffered major injuries including a fractured femur.  Despite these serious injuries, the plaintiff was only able recover $20,000.00 from all sources.  The plaintiff’s attorney waived costs and reduced his fee so that the beneficiary would realize some portion of the nominal settlement for her injuries.  Medicare, via MSPRC, asserted a lien for the conditional payments it had advanced in the amount of $12,587.06.  Synergy was engaged to reduce the amount that the plaintiff must repay to Medicare and immediately began an aggressive lien resolution protocol.  The result of Synergy’s efforts was a Final Demand amount being issued by Medicare, via MSPRC, in the amount of $617.77.  This is a 95% savings and an increase of nearly ten times to the plaintiff’s ‘take home’.

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