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INTRODUCING: New MSP Compliance Service for Liability Cases – “No MSA” Letter

CMS has made it clear that it is up to plaintiff’s counsel to address whether or not a Medicare Set Aside (MSA) should be implemented. Synergy has developed a screening process to ensure plaintiff attorneys are compliant with addressing the protection of Medicare’s future interests. This is a simple process that guides the plaintiff attorney as to whether or not action should be taken to protect the Medicare trust fund.

Step 1: Evaluation of Case
Attorney provides information directly to Synergy about the plaintiff’s injuries, Medicare entitlement, as well as the case summary.

Step 2: Findings
Once the case specific information has been gathered, Synergy will determine whether or not a MSA is recommended and applicable.

Step 3: Deliverable
If it is determined that the MSA is not applicable, then Synergy provides a letter to counsel memorializing that there is no need for a MSA analysis based upon the specific facts of
that case.

If it is determined that a MSA analysis is appropriate, then Synergy can provide the MSA analysis with future cost projection of Medicare covered items related to the accident.

Fee: $375*

*If plaintiff would like to move forward with a full MSA analysis, then the cost of the screening/evaluation will be applied as credit to the MSA analysis.

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