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Deferred Attorney Fees Can Really Add Up: Congrats to Synergy Law Firm Client Accumulating 1M in Fee Structures

Synergy wants to congratulate one of our best clients on achieving one million dollars in deferred legal fees since 2004.  The firm made the decision that out of every significant settlement, the three partners would set aside anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 of their legal fees in attorney fee structures.  Even though they set aside a small amount of each fee earned over the years, it has added up to a large amount today.  Since they used attorney fee structures, the fees were invested pre-tax and are tax deferred until payments begin.  Given the fact that every financial plan should include fixed income, attorney fee structures or other tax deferral mechanisms for lawyers should be seriously considered.  Using these mechanisms it allows for investment in fixed income vehicles on a pre-tax basis and the money grows tax
deferred until distributed.

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