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CMS MMSEA Section 111 Update – 04/21/2010

CMS has updated the “Reporting Do’s and Don’ts” section of their page and have added the revised Teleconference Agenda:


  • Please determine the role each individual will play prior to registering.
  • Authorized Representatives cannot be users of the Section 111 COBSW for any RRE ID and may not obtain a Login ID.
  • It is absolutely critical to provide information for your Authorized Representative during the New Registration step on the Section 111 Coordination of Benefits Secure Web site (COBSW), and Account Manager information during the Account Setup step. These must be two different individuals.

For more information on the “Do’s and Don’ts”, click on the link below:

» http://www.cms.gov/MandatoryInsRep/08_reporting_dos_and_donts.asp#TopOfPage

For a copy of the Teleconfernce agenda see:

» http://www.cms.gov/MandatoryInsRep/03_Liability_Self_No_Fault_Insurance_and_Workers_Compensation.asp#TopOfPage

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