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Synergy’s blog brings you the settlement services industry’s foremost thought leadership InSights on matters of healthcare lien resolution, Medicare Secondary Payer compliance, government benefit preservation, settlement consulting and attorney fee deferral. Visit often to discover helpful InSights on important areas of settlement-related compliance issues or subscribe to our Synergy InSights here.

Why Aren’t More Attorneys Utilizing the Fee Deferral Programs as Part of Their Overall Financial Plan?

Like most retirement plans, attorney fee deferral programs have benefits and risks associated with implementation.
Discover the complexities of healthcare billing and the obligations of hospitals and providers in our latest article, "Navigating Healthcare Billing: Do Hospitals and Providers Have to Bill Insurance, Including Medicare and Medicaid?" Unravel the intricacies of billing practices, including third party liability cases, Medicare, and Medicaid requirements. Gain insights into patient rights and proactive strategies for navigating the billing process. 
Join Jason Lazarus in a very special 30-minute episode of Trial Lawyer View! Craig Goldenfarb from GOLDLAW shares invaluable law firm business tips.


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