Caleb Lyons

Strategic Partnership Manager
P: 407-853-3228

Caleb Lyons is a Strategic Partnership Manager with Synergy Settlement Services, serving clients in Indiana. In his role, he partners with personal injury attorneys to assist them in their goal of maximizing their clients’ results. He assists with everything from navigating Medicare compliance to lien resolution, structured settlements, and government benefits preservation; all to maximize clients’ results after life-altering injuries.

Prior to working with Synergy, Caleb worked as a luxury travel agent for 4 years while maintaining his own travel brand/business. He also worked at Tesla, as a Solar Team Lead, and Sales Specialist. Caleb has a passion for helping his clients and making life easier for others.

Caleb was born in Melbourne, Florida but was raised in Seattle, Washington. Caleb is a Former Division 1 Athlete at the University of Montana and has three years’ experience as an Assistant Coach at the University of Montana. Caleb has a passion for sports and music. His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Orlando Magic, and favorite music artists are Prince and Jay-Z. He has been applauded for his integrity, reliability, enthusiasm, a diligent and industrious work ethic, and showing his peers and superiors that “success is a team sport.”




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