Brandon Appleby

Strategic Partnership Manager
P: 407.853.3232

Brandon Appleby is a Strategic Partnership Manager. In his role, he partners with personal injury attorneys to assist them in their goal of maximizing their clients’ results. He assists with everything from navigating Medicare compliance to lien resolution, structured settlements, and government benefits preservation; All in an effort to maximize clients’ results after life-altering injuries.

Prior to working with Synergy, Brandon had his own business working with attorneys throughout the state of Florida. He has been in Sales for the last 9 years. Right before COVID, Brandon started his own company helping start-up tech companies grow their sales revenue, expand their footprint and build relationships. He is also a real estate agent that specializes in business brokering and commercial real estate. Brandon loves helping people accomplish a goal, whether it be financial, business-related, or personal growth.

When Brandon is not at work, he is either in the boxing gym or exploring some new adventure in Florida’s nature. Brandon grew up in Waco, Texas before relocating to Florida.

Brandon is most passionate about being successful in every aspect of life. Success drives him to be the best version of himself day in and day out.




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