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McCutchen Round 2 – Why 29 U.S.C. 1024(b)(4) Matters

On March 17, 2014 the trial court in the infamous U.S. Airways v McCutchen entered an order allowing Mr. McCutchen to amend his answer to include affirmative defenses and a counter-claim.  The court allowed this unusually late amendment to pleadings as result of U.S. Airways’s failure to produce the Master Plan Document (MPD) until just…

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FL Supreme Court Overturns Med Mal Caps

In a well reasoned opinion, the Florida Supreme Court has overtuned the unfair medical malpractice caps.  These caps devalued human life as children and seniors who were not breadwinners, could be the victim of malpractice with no real ability for family members to recover damages.  We applaud the Florida Supreme Court’s opinion in the McCall…

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Lien Res Success Story – Synergy’s experienced negotiators reduce a self-funded ERISA lien by 96% for a savings of $211,327.07

This case involved a plaintiff was injured when he jumped from a balcony and landed head first on the concrete pavement below.  Due to liability issues plaintiff’s counsel was only able to obtain $75,000 from the property owner’s insurance carrier.  The plaintiff’s medical bills were paid from his employer’s self-funded ERISA plan who asserted a…

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Synergy Launches Educational Video Series on Website

In an effort to provide a greater depth of services to our attorney clients and to aid in the injury victim’s transition from litigation to life, Synergy has launched a YouTube video page on our website dedicated to education.  You can visit this page to learn more about Special Needs Trust, Settlement Asset Management Trusts,…

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Synergy’s New Corporate Headquarters

Synergy is thrilled to have moved into it’s new state of the art corporate headquarters in Baldwin Park!  If you are in the neighborhood, come see us.  Be on the lookout for an invitation to our open house late spring.  Use the following link to view our location in Google maps:   

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ALERT – Medicare Raises Reporting Threshold From $300 to $1,000

Medicare has increased the threshold for when a physical trauma-based liability settlement is large enough that the beneficiary need report it and repay conditional payments.  On February 18, 2014, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) issued an alert which increases the current reporting threshold from $300 to $1,000.   The threshold increase is a…

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“Synergy is our guiding light for deferring our contingent legal fees and planning for retirement. The lawyers at Panter Panter & Sampedro, myself included, have been working with them for over ten years using different methods to defer comp and plan for retirement.”

Brett Panter
Panter, Panter & Sampedro

"I don't think I've directly said "thank you" for helping us with Bridgett’s case. We sent the reduced payment to Medicaid and called Bridgett's mom to tell her approximately how much money was going to be left for Bridgett and she broke down over the telephone. Given only $25k of insurance and a $850k medical bill from the hospital she didn't think Bridgett would ever see a penny."

Tom L. Copeland
Jeffrey Meldon & Associates, P.A.

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